Craft Beer Destinations in and Around Newport Beach

Breweries are a go-to place these days. Everyone is searching for that diamond-in-the-rough beer that will instantly become their favorite. Brewers are formulating and creating new flavors and styles of beer every day to keep their customers coming back for more. Even their packaging has become a work of art in itself. Due to the immense number of beers and breweries around, we compiled a list of the best breweries near Newport Beach, CA. 

Newport Beach, CA


Helmsman Ale House Helmsman Ale House

Mon-Thu: 11:00 AM -11:00 PM, Fri: 11:00 AM -1:00 AM, Sat: 10:00 AM -1:00 AM, Sun: 10:00 AM -11:00 PM

Helmsman's Ale House is more than just a brewery. They have a full-fledged, family-friendly restaurant for everyone to enjoy. They make many seasonal house beers at their on-site brewery, but also offer a wide range of traditional cocktails and wine at their full-service bar. When it comes to beer, you'll find a great selection of brews that you can't always find everywhere or at other microbrews. In the land of IPAs and their popularity, you will find selections of sours, Schwarzbier, and spiced Belgian Dubbel.

Chihuahua Cerveza

Mon-Fri, 10:00 AM-10:00 PM, Sat-Sun, 9:00 AM-10:00 PM

This place is all about bringing Mexican-American culture to their beer and attitude. You will find a great taproom right in Newport Beach. The simple design and traditional craft of these Mexican-American-style beers are sure to please. They don't get fancy with the number of beers they create. They have four classics to choose from, including the original Mexican-American lager, Limon, El Primero, and Guava-Lime. Keeping it simple for your palate is what they're all about.

Huntington Beach, CA

Golden Road Brewing

Mon-Thurs 11:00 AM-9:00 PM, Fri-Sat 11:00 AM-10:00 PM, Sun 10:00 AM-9:00 PM, Happy Hour Monday-Friday 2:30 PM -5:30PM

Golden Road has many pubs in Southern California. They have been around for more than 10 years and produce a wide array of beers. You can find your traditional IPAs and lagers, but you will also find seasonal beers like Oktoberfest. With so many selections to choose from, you won't ever be disappointed in your choices.

Beachwood Brewing

Mon & Tues CLOSED, Wed-Thurs 3:00 PM - 7:30 PM, Fri-Sun 12:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Beachwood has locations in both Huntington Beach and Long Beach. Their selection of beers ranges significantly from lagers to IPAs to stouts. Try their Sadie Bourbon Barrel-aged Dark Ale, or the Citraholic IPA! You can get them in cans as well as growlers. One of the best aspects if you live in the state of California? They will ship to you!

Flash Point Brewing Co.

Mon- Thurs: 3:00 PM TO 9:00 PM, Fri & Sat: 12:00 PM TO 9:00 PM, Sun: 12:00 PM TO 8:00 PM

Flash Point offers a large selection of beers. You can get a German-style pilsner, lager, or porter among their many other typical selections of IPAs and ales. The fact that they sample many styles makes them a premier place to check out and try what they're brewing up. They also offer curbside and in-store pickup if you're in a hurry to quench your thirst.

Riip Beer Co.Flashpoint Brewing Company

Mon-Sat: 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM, Sun: 11:00 AM -8:00 PM

Founded by two brothers in 2014, Riip offers a highly unique variety of beers. They have your IPAs like most breweries, but they also have a large assortment of stouts and American-style ales and pale ales compared to a lot of microbreweries. They also serve up Schwarzbier and other less common beers.

HB Beer Co. 

Mon: CLOSED, Tues- Thurs: 11:30AM-12:00 AM, Fri- Sat 11:00 AM- 2:00 AM, Sun: 11:00  AM- 12:00 AM

HB is hailed as the oldest brewery pub in Huntington Beach. What makes them sought after is they don't mass produce a ton of different beers. You can find good selections of about 5-6 beers at a given time. They also produce beers that aren't normally found in many places, such as Kolsch, amber ales, and wheat beers. Some of their most popular choices include Brickshot Red American Amber and the HB Blonde.

Four Sons Brewing

Thurs-Sat:12:00 PM -9:00 PM, Sun: 12:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Four Sons was started in a garage and has now become a nationally recognized brand. This family-owned and operated brewery offers a large selection of beers from light wheat and ales, IPAs, stouts, and sours. Their many beers with high alcohol contents also make for a flavorful experience that packs a punch. Try King Coco Amber for a unique experience, or sip on a Hopprentice for a lighter, easy-drinking beer.

Costa Mesa, CA

Brewing Reserve of California

Mon- Sun: 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM

BRC is a unique microbrew in the fact that it's a store instead of your traditional taproom and bar. They offer at least one of the main microbrews people search for. You can grab them in 6-packs or 32 oz. growlers. Whether you like a blonde ale, a sour, or a stout, you can find one at BRC. The OC Tropical Blonde and the Falcon 9 American Red are great beers to try!

Karl Strauss Brewing

Mon-Thurs: 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM, Fri:11:00 AM - 10:00 PM, Sat: 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Started in 1989 and credited with getting the microbrew scene going in San Diego, Karl Strauss has been at it for a long time, including opening taprooms in places like Costa Mesa and other areas of Southern California. Their selection of IPAs is abundant, but you can also find ale and stout on their year-round menu. They also offer an assortment of holiday and seasonal beers.

Green Cheek Beer Co.Green Cheek Beer Co. founders

Mon-Wed: 5:00 PM-10:00 PM,  Thurs-Fri: 5:00 PM-11:00 PM, Sat: 11:00 AM-11:00 PM,  Sun: 11:00 AM-10:00 PM 

Green Cheek started and is still owned by two friends. They produce a good variety of beers that aren't readily made by many breweries. Some of these beers include a Czech-style lager, Vienna lager, and English-style barleywine. They may not be big and fancy, but if you have a taste for something non-traditional, this is the place for you. The best part? You can also use their drive-thru.

Salty Bear Brewing

Mon-Wed: 3:00 PM - 9:00 PM, Thurs: 1:00 PM - 10:00 PM, Fri: NOON - 11:00 PM, Sat: NOON - 10:00 PM, Sun: NOON - 8:00 PM



Salty Bear is one of the newer microbreweries in Costa Mesa. That hasn't stopped them from producing and getting creative with the beers they make. They offer IPAs, stouts, and lagers as well as personal creations like Hello Sunshine Porter and the Tijuana Jail Hazy IPA. If you want your tastebuds to try something a little different, you definitely want to make a trip to Salty Bear.

Gunwhale BrewingGunwhale taproom

Mon : CLOSED,  Tues-Sat: NOON- 10:00 PM, Sun : NOON - 9:00 PM

Named after what used to be the term for the gun at the front end of ships, Gunwhale has a selection of beers that will make your choice both rewarding and challenging. They pretty much have it all. They have a large assortment of IPAs and hybrid IPAs along with farmhouse and European-style productions. With so many options, you can't go wrong with anything you pick.

Tustin, CA

Tustin Brewing Co.  

Mon-Sat: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM, Sun: 9:30 AM - 10:00 PM

Tustin, like many others, offers a brief selection of fine beers. They have their own hand-crafted IPA, lager, ale, and others to go along with a large assortment of other microbrews from around California and the country. Making it simple, they provide a different experience from having to choose between so many beers, which can be overwhelming at times. Keeping it simple has served them well over the years. Try the award-winning Blimp Hangar Porter for a rich experience or the Golden Spike Light Ale for a crisp, refreshing brew. 

Taps Brewery 

Mon-Thurs: 3:00 PM -9:00  PM, Fri: 3:00 PM -10:00 PM, Sat: 12:00 PM -10:00 PM, Sun: 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Taps offers a good-sized selection of beers. You can find IPAs, lagers, and European-style beers on their menu year-round. They also offer limited release selections for your enjoyment. With a full-size pub and restaurant feel, you can't go wrong making them your destination for some food and good beverages. Sip on the Mero Mero Mexican-style Lager, or the Hauled Away Hef Hefeweizen. 

Laguna Hills, CA

GameCraft BrewingGameCraft Brewing

Mon: 4:00 PM -8:00 PM, Tues: Noon-8:00 PM, Wed-Thurs: Noon-9:00 PM, Fri: Noon-10:00 PM, Sat: Noon-9:00 PM, Sun: Noon-8:00 PM

GameCraft produces an extensive menu of craft beers inspired from around the world. Their beers include Australian-style, Vienna-style, and many others to go along with the typical beers you expect to find in a microbrewery. They also have a section on the menu for their own unique creations of hard seltzer and stouts. It's a great place for variety in your beer. Order their flagship IPA, Pay To Win and see why this brewery is so unique!

Irvine, CA

Hangar 24 Brewing

Mon-Wed: 11:00A AM – 9:00 PM, Thurs- Sat: 11:00 AM  – 10:00 PM, Sun:11:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Hangar 24 keeps it simple. They have your usual assortment of IPAs and light beers. Hangar 24 does release specialties and limited release selections from time to time, but you can't go wrong getting the basics when it comes to a great microbrew. Here you will find just that. Try the Double Betty IPA or the Chemtrail Creme Ale for a refreshing take!

Long Beach, CA

Ballast PointBallast Point tasting room

Mon-Fri: 11:00 AM11:00 PM, Sat: 10:00 AM –11:00 PM, Sun: 10:00 AM –8:00 PM  

Ballast Point has become known across the country and can be found in most stores. They have won a gold medal for their IPA. Started in 1996 and based in San Diego, they now have taprooms in many locations, including Long Beach. They're known for their selection of IPAs and lagers. However, they offer a wide variety of seasonal and limited-edition releases as well. Sticking to the basics and styles of beer that people seek out has served them well for more than 25 years. Order the Hazy Sculpin India Pale Ale or the Wee Gus Hoppy Lager. You won't be disappointed!

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