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One of the premier attractions in Orange County is Disneyland. This magical amusement park brings to life iconic Disney characters and brings out everyone’s inner child! Anaheim is located slightly inland from Newport Beach, but no fear! The park is a 20-30 minute drive from the waves crashing on the shore. If you’re looking for the perfect Disneyland vacation rentals, we have them right here! Visiting the park is just the start. Unlock our Vacation Guide, and have access to all things Newport Beach! This guide contains all the top attractions, from the best places to eat to the top landmarks. Who’s ready for the ultimate Disneyland experience?  

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Disneyland Vacation Rentals

How Do I Get to Disneyland From Newport Beach?

Disneyland is an easy drive from Newport Beach! Located about 20-30 mins inland, follow these directions, and you’ll be there in no time! Best of all, after a day of exploring, the drive back is easy and short. Once you’re parked, get ready for a day of fun!  

Why Stay in Newport Beach?Newport Beach coastline

Newport Beach is the ideal place to enjoy some of the most beautiful landmarks in Orange County. From the waves crashing on the beach to world-class dining, enjoying a beach destination while visiting Disneyland is easy! When you stay in a beach house near Disneyland, you can spend your days exploring the park and your nights unwinding while walking the beach.   

What Should I Do in Newport Beach?

Experience the Beach

The California coast is among the most beautiful in the world. Guests staying in Newport Beach have a front-row seat to golden sand, blue water, unbeatable surfing, and of course, those incredible California sunsets! After a day at Disneyland, retreat to the Pacific coast and unwind. The beach is so relaxing; you might want to take a nap! 

The Shopping!  Woman shopping

If you’re still looking to explore, explore the many shopping options in the area. Newport Beach has everything from unique local boutiques to your favorite big retailers! Shopping is a great way to bring home a new treasure and meet locals. Be sure to check out the entire list for all retail therapy stops!   

The Dining 

Restaurants in Newport Beach are second to none. The food scene here is phenomenal. Fresh seafood, American classics, and Mexican cuisine are all available for visitors to experience. Get the entire family together and head out for a delicious and memorable meal. Be sure to set aside time for these restaurants; there are so many to choose from!  

Stay With Burr White and Get the Authentic OC Experience!1028 W Oceanfront

Visiting Disneyland and staying in Newport Beach gives you the ultimate OC vacation. Our oceanfront rentals offer a sanctuary from the crowds and an opportunity to explore more the California coast! Our vacation rental homes provide luxurious amenities and various communities to choose from. All you have to do is find the perfect match for you! We can’t wait to welcome you to the golden coast!   

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