Rain in Newport beach? Best Guide to the occasional rainy day in SoCal!

With its beautiful weather and pretty beaches, Newport Beach is the perfect place to vacation, regardless of the weather. However, the rainy season in Newport Beach is typically from October to April. If you happen to come across a rainy day here in Southern California, this guide is for you! Rain doesn’t last long, so download our Vacation Guide for all your Newport Beach musts! Now grab you’re umbrella and get ready to explore indoor activities in Newport Beach! 

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Indoor Activities in Newport Beach 


Orange County Museum of Art (Opening in October) 

The state-of-the-art Orange County Museum of Art museum is perfect for a rainy day! The museum will open on October 8, with contemporary art exhibitions and installations, educational programming, and much more. You can spend hours viewing amazing collections and exploring the beautiful new building. Get everyone together and immerse yourself in a new world! 

Lyon Air Museum Vintage aircraft

The Lyon Air Museum is located in Santa Ana, about a 20-minute drive from Newport Beach. The museum is indoor and has an impressive collection of WWII and vintage aircraft. You can explore the different planes and learn about their history. This is an excellent activity for aviation enthusiasts or anyone who loves learning about new things!  

Bowers Museum  

The Bowers Museum is another fun option for indoor activities in Newport Beach! The museum has a diverse collection of art and artifacts from different cultures worldwide. You can explore various galleries and learn about the history and culture of many other countries. There is also a cafe on-site, so you can grab a bite and relax after a day of exploring!

Also, visit their gift shop and find a unique item to bring a piece of California home with you!  

Other Attractions

Catch a Movie at Fashion IslandChildren playing

Cozying up for a good movie is a great way to relax and wait for the sun to come out! If you’re looking for a fun movie-watching experience, visit THE LOT on Fashion Island! This movie experience is truly luxurious. Guests enjoy leather recliners that are so comfy they might fall asleep! 

Pretend City Children’s Museum

If you’re bringing children to Newport Beach, finding an indoor activity may seem hard, but we’ve got you covered! One of the best places to visit is Pretend City Children’s Museum! This indoor activity is perfect for rainy days. Children can explore different exhibits and play pretend in a safe environment. They will learn about different professions and cultures while having fun and being explorative.  

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