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Newport Beach is known for being a coastal paradise! Here in Orange County, the harbor is one of our defining features. If you’re planning on visiting our area, spending a day cruising in a Newport Beach Duffy rental is a must! Even if the weather is rainy, which is rare, it can be a great one of the best Newport rainy-day activities. No matter the conditions, this activity is a beautiful way to take in the area’s sights. Boating on the harbor is only one of many activities to enjoy. Check out our Vacation Guide for all the local attractions, restaurants, and much more!    

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Why Rent a Duffy Boat in Newport Beach?


What is a Duffy boat, and why should I be on one? 

duffy boat

Duffy boats are small and comfortable boats that offer guests an elegant and fun experience. The boats range in size and can fit any party perfectly! Whether you want a small, intimate cruise or a large group experience, this boat is for you!  

Duffy boats offer passengers an easy and cost-effective way to spend an afternoon in Newport Beach! Passengers are welcome to bring their food and drinks, meaning you’ll save a few bucks in the process!   


When Can you Use Duffy Boats?  

Duffy boats can be used any time of year! The weather in Southern California tends to be temperate and comfortable, so it is always a good time to take a harbor cruise! Check out more activities by season and see why Newport Beach is the place to be year-round!


Winters in Newport Beach are cool and comfortable. Temperatures range from the mid-60s to the low-50s. This is the perfect weather to take a ride on a Duffy boat! Bring a bottle of red wine and a charcuterie board and watch as the sun sets on the beautiful and picturesque Newport Beach harbor!   


Springtime in Newport Beach is also cool and comfortable. Enjoy temperate weather with highs in the mid-60s and lows in the low-50s. Spring is also our “secret season,” and visitors can avoid summer crowds! Before heading to dinner, cruise the harbor and take in the sights and sees of the area!  


Summer is when the fun is in full swing! Even though this is the busiest time of the year, it is also the best time to enjoy warmer temperatures between the mid-60s and the low-80s. Relax with family and friends, enjoy the Southern California sunshine, and make memories along the way!  


Fall in Newport Beach is similar to summer, with temperatures staying about the same. However, this season is a great time to visit because of the thinning crowds and easy access to local attractions!  

Where Can I rent a Duffy boat in Newport Beach?  

Duffy Boat rentals can be found throughout the Newport Beach area. Many locations offer Duffy boat rentals, so finding one should not be a problem! Here are the best Duffy boat rentals in Orange County:  


Duffy Electric Boats: (949) 673-2870  


Vision Electric Boat Rental: 949-612-8248  


Newport Fun Tours: (949) 673-5245  


OC Boat Rentals (949) 534-6227  


PHC Electric Boats(562) 588-1714  


After a Day on the Water, stay with Burr White23 E Balboa A

After exploring the harbor on your Duffy boat, get cozy in one of our vacation rental homes here in Newport Beach! From spacious family homes to comfortable villas, the perfect home awaits your arrival! Browse our selection of rental homes and discover your perfect Southern California escape today!   

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