Everything You Need to Know About the Newport Beach Film Festival

Are you always following the latest film releases? Do you love niche movie genres? If your appreciation for film goes beyond Hollywood, then you’ll love the Newport Beach Film Festival! This annual event takes place on the Southern California coast right here in the City of Newport Beach. The festival highlights hundreds of feature and short films across all genres. It’s the West Coast’s premier film event that you don’t want to miss!  

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Newport Beach Film Festival Details 

The festival is all about enjoying some great tunes and relaxing simultaneously. The event is aimed at achieving cultural understanding and educational opportunities. Ultimately, the festival hopes participants will develop a deeper appreciation of film or become involved in filmmaking. As you begin planning, check out more great things to do in Newport Beach in October

What to Expect 

The Newport Beach Film Fest casts a spotlight on international filmmaking communities. Each of these communities brings something different to the table in terms of genre. You can expect to view narratives, documentaries, music videos, action, sports cinema, and more. 

Other Events in Newport Beach 

Excited about the Newport Beach Film Fest? This festival is just one of several annual Newport Beach events that locals and visitors alike look forward to each year! 

If you’re an art and entertainment buff, you’ll also want to check out the Newport Beach Jazz Festival. This event features three days of performances by award-winning artists as well as up-and-coming musicians! 

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