What’s the Difference Between Huntington & Newport Beach?

Southern California is full of things to do and places to see, especially on the golden sands of our renowned shoreline. With so many miles of pristine beaches, it can be tough to pick which one to visit. So, we broke down the matchup between Newport Beach vs. Huntington Beach—which one will you choose? Keep reading to discover which one of these Orange County gems is best for you and your family!

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Your Guide to Newport Beach vs Huntington Beach


If you’re comparing the vast stretches of sand at Newport Beach vs. Huntington Beach, you’ll find that there is not much of a difference in this category. Both beaches are neighbors and feature the same quality of sand as the other. However, there are a couple of notable differences. Newport Beach allows housing along the beach line, so you can walk right onto the golden sands bordering the deep blue waters of the Pacific. Vacation rentals in Hungtington Beach are a rarer right, as hotels are closer to the actual beach and pier areas. Aside from The Wedge at Newport Beach, Huntington Beach is home to more of a surfer crowd.

Family and Outdoor Activities

If you’re bringing your family with you and trying to decide between Newport Beach vs. Huntington Beach, you’ll find a difference in both of their offerings. Huntington State Beach is the prime source of outdoor activity for our neighbor to the north. You’ll find plenty of volleyball, surfing, tanning, and sandcastle building opportunities for the entire family. If you travel south to Newport Beach, not only are there plenty of ways to have fun on the sand, but there are several places to enjoy hiking and water activities. Pilot an Electric Duffy Boat around the harbor, hike through the Upper Newport Bay State Marine Conservation Area, and enjoy the views from Crystal Cove State Park.

Whale watching, dolphin cruises, and the Balboa Fun Zone are just a few of the fun and exciting things to do for families with kids in Newport Beach. Huntington Beach does not offer quite as many family activities outside of the beach.

Dining, Nightlife, and Culture

When comparing the dining, nightlife, and culture of Newport Beach vs. Hungtington Beach, both cities provide a unique experience. The culinary scene at Newport Beach is second to none in the area. Here, you’ll find a variety of dining establishments ranging from casual waterfront eats to upscale restaurants that are perfect for a romantic date night. Huntington Beach has its fair share of bars and restaurants located along Main Street, but they don’t compare to the collection in the Newport Beach area. Between Fashion Island, central Newport Beach, and the Balboa Peninsula, you can spend weeks here and never eat at the same place twice. 

The vibe of Hungtington Beach provides a relaxed, surfer atmosphere while Newport Beach offers more of a glitz and glamour vibe (although it is by no means pretentious).  People travel to both spots to kick back on the beach and enjoy the Southern California sunshine, but Newport Beach has the edge with a smattering of places to enjoy the local cuisine.

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