Why You Need to Travel from Phoenix, AZ, to Newport Beach, CA

Trade in the desert for sandy beaches with a trip from Phoenix, AZ, to Newport Beach, CAOur location along the Southern California coast is perfect for travelers who want to escape the desert heat. Luckily, the distance from Phoenix to Newport Beach is only 367 miles, which makes planning a road trip easy. Learn more about planning a trip from Phoenix to Newport Beach below! 

When you’re ready to start planning your trip, request our Newport Beach, CA, Vacation Guide. This free resource has everything you need to create the Orange County itinerary of your dreams! 

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Plan the Ultimate Trip from Phoenix, AZ, to Newport Beach, CA 

Choose a Travel Method 

Driving is the primary travel method due to the relatively short distance between the cities. The drive from Phoenix to Newport Beach clocks in at just under six hours, which is a doable road trip distance for most. If you wish to break up the driving distance, you can stop off along the way at Kofa National Wildlife Refuge or Joshua Tree National Park! 

You can cut down the travel time from Phoenix, AZ, to Newport Beach, CA, by flying. Many major airlines offer nonstop tickets between the cities. These direct routes boast a flight time of about 1.5 hours. Keep in mind that you will spend time checking bags, going through security, and renting a car at the airport, which adds to your travel time!  

Create Your Itinerary 

Once you decide on a travel method, its time to create your itinerary. Whether you’re coming to relax or explore, we have an activity for every traveler! For saltwater enthusiasts, we recommend checking out some of the things to do at Huntington Beach. This includes surfing, beach volleyball, or simply relaxing by the water’s edge. Or, embark on an outdoor adventure with these hikes in Orange County with waterfalls! 

Don’t forget to reference our free Newport Beach Vacation Guide for more ideas to add to your itinerary! 

Other Road Trips to Newport Beach 

Orange County is a great vacation destination for travelers from around the United States. However, many of our guests are from nearby cities! Here are few other popular road trips to Newport Beach: 

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