Photo Op Time! Here are the top 10 Spots to get your glamour shots in Newport Beach!

Southern California is known for beautiful beaches, iconic landmarks, and Instagram photo moments! There are countless opportunities to get creative and take some awesome photos! Beaches, secret gardens, and art installations are just a few options. Here are the top ten Instagram spots in Newport Beach and Orange County. Now that you’re excited about your next SoCal trip download our Vacation Guide, get all the best tips, and make your Instagram dreams come true!  

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Instagram Spots Newport Beach  


Lido Marina Village  

This spot is perfect for those who enjoy picturesque locations and proximity to local attractions. Lido Marina Village is great for getting a close-up and grabbing lunch. This location has a stylish and trendy feel, so this is the ideal spot for a photo op!  

Balboa Pier   

Taking stunning pictures of the California coast is a no-brainer! At the Balboa Pier, this is just what you’ll get. Capture the perfect shot as the waves crash on the shore or snap some candid pictures of the surrounding area. Walking on the beach and capturing great pics is also a must here, so be sure to get photos on and off the pier. 

The Wedge  The Wedge Newport Beach

This Instagram-famous location is an excellent place for anyone who loves adventure. The Wedge is known for its huge waves, making it a popular spot for surfers and photographers. These massive waves make for some incredible shots, so bring your camera! Afterward, stick around and watch the surfers take on these incredible waves for a bonus! 


The OC Mix    

The OC Mix is a great place to explore and find unique shops and restaurants. While you’re there, get some Instagram-worthy shots of the vibrant murals! This is the perfect place to take some artsy pictures that are sure to stand out on your feed.

The Back Bay Loop Trail 

The Back Bay Loop is a gorgeous nature reserve that is perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors. This is the ideal spot for a nature lover’s Instagram feed, with plenty of trails and scenic views. Be sure to bring your camera to capture all the beauty that this place has to offer! Make a note of this place for a hike as well! 


Little Corona Del Mar BeachLittle Corona Del Mar Beach

This intimate beach is perfect for anyone who loves a good sunset. Little Corona Del Mar Beach offers stunning views of the Orange County coastline, sure to make your Instagram followers jealous. This is the perfect spot to snap some pictures of you and your friends or even take a selfie with an incredible view!

Sherman Library and Gardens 

The Sherman Library and Gardens is a beautiful oasis in the heart of Orange County. This is the perfect spot for a nature lover’s Instagram feed with plenty of flowers and greenery. Be sure to bring your camera to give your followers an authentic taste of California beauty!

The Balboa Fun Zone Balboa Peninsula

The Balboa Fun Zone is the place for anyone who loves a good view. This is the perfect spot for a fun-loving Instagrammer with a Ferris wheel and plenty of games. Take a ride to the top of the Ferris wheel and get great shots of sunsets, the street scenes, or selfies!

Crystal Cove State Park 

Crystal Cove State Park is a fantastic place for outdoor-loving Instagrammers! At this park, enjoy scenic views and wildlife. Capture the beautiful rocky coastline or wait for the right moment and, from a safe distance, snap a shot of the California Sea Lion! This state park is quintessential California, so don’t miss out! 


Pirate’s Cove Beach 

This beach is perfect for anyone who loves a good Instagram adventure. Pirate’s Cove Beach is known for its hidden coves and cliffs, making it a great place to explore and take pictures. The location has endless beauty, so explore and find your perfect spot to strike a pose! 


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