Explore the Terrific Tide Pools in Newport Beach

California has some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, and the Newport Beach area is no exception! If you’re planning a beach day, exploring the local tide pools is a must-do! Orange County has plenty to discover. The tide pools offer a fantastic opportunity to see marine life up close and are fun for the entire family! 

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Best Locations for Tide Pool Exploration in Newport Beach


What Are Tide Pools? 

Tide pools are small pockets of water created during low tide. The best time to see these captivating pools is early morning and evening. Marine life, such as octopuses, snails, small fish, anemones, and plants, are found in tide pools. Beachgoers get a glimpse into ocean life and breathtaking scenery along the way! Because of the tides, these pools can be enjoyed year-round. Now that you’re excited, it’s time to grab the kids and find the closest one!  

Little Corona Del Mar Beach Little Corona Del Mar

Located just south of Newport Beach, Little Corona Del Mar Beach offers excellent tide pools to explore! Jump in the car with the kids to experience this extraordinary change in the beach landscape. After viewing the tide pools, be sure to explore more beach activities. Snorkeling and scuba diving are also popular activities and offer a unique perspective. 

Crystal Cove State Park 

Crystal Cove State Park also offers tide pools you won’t forget! This state park has a few pools to explore that contain creatures such as starfish, mussels, and barnacles. Visitors can also venture into Reef Point and Treasure Cove. No matter where you go, there is a magical discovery in each tide pool!  

Laguna Beach 

Also located south of Newport Beach, Laguna Beach is home to incredible tide pools. Here, visitors can enjoy natural tide pools. The beach is protected so that visitors can see untouched wildlife and landscapes. This is the perfect place to experience a Southern California beach paradise!  

Dana Point Headlands Beach 

Dana Point Headlands Beach is farther south of Laguna Beach and is a 30-minute drive, but it’s worth it! This beach is one of the most tide pools in Orange County. Walking along this beach, you’ll find crabs, seagrass, tube worms, and plenty of sea ecosystems! There are plenty of tide pools, so be sure to take a good look around!  


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These amazing tide pools are just the start! Newport Beach and our surrounding area have endless fun for the entire family! Our beaches are perfect for snorkeling, scuba diving, and simply enjoying a walk to take in the magnificent scenery. Try one of our world-class restaurants, explore the Balboa Peninsula, and find the perfect vacation rental! You and your family will feel right at home staying with us. Experience the best of Southern California with us!  

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