Top 5 Things People Forget to Pack

1. Medications

Family vacations are exciting for people of all ages. When packing for a beach vacation, people make sure to bring bathing suits, sunscreen, and beach toys. Unfortunately, items that cannot be packed in advance, such as medications, are often the easiest to forget and the hardest to do without. Make a final check before you leave the house and make sure that all medications have been packed in an easily accessible place.

2. Device Chargers

Most people travel with at least one device that requires a charger and between cell phones, laptops, and tablets, families often have more chargers than family members. At a glance it is easy to think that all cables are present and accounted for until it is too late. To simplify keeping your entire family connected, label your chargers for easy identification.

3. Towels

Your vacation rental will come with bath towels, but not all accommodations provide beach towels. Double check the amenities provided with your rental to see if you need to bring your own beach towels. If you are unsure contact your vacation coordinator for clarification.

4. Glasses

Many people prefer to wear contact lenses instead of glasses, but beach vacations are not always contact lenses friendly. While you may prefer contacts to glasses, the surf and sand will likely leave your eyes in need of a break. Make sure to bring your prescription sunglasses as well!

4. Extra Cash

While we are accustomed to grabbing a debit or credit card to pay for nearly everything, bringing cash with you is always recommended when traveling. In the event that you misplace your credit or debit card, having cash on hand will keep your vacation on track until you can visit the bank.

5. Something Warm

The beach is all about enjoying the warm weather, but it can get a bit chilly in the evening. Having a sweater or jacket on hand will keep you comfortable for evening adventures.