Everything You Need to Know About Working Remote in Newport Beach

How’s working from home going? No, really, how’s it going? While remote work is exciting at the beginning (Who doesn’t love to work from the comfort of your pajamas?) it can take its toll on your motivation and productivity levels after a long period. Do you catch yourself scrolling on your phone too much when you work from home? Does your flexible schedule allow you to take too many breaks to work around the house? We’ve all been there. We have a solution! Plan a remote work trip to Newport Beach, CA. Read on for everything you need to know about working remote in Newport Beach! 

When you’re ready to start planning your remote work trip, request our Newport Beach Vacation Guide. This free online guide is filled with local recommendations on what to do in the area when the working day is done!  

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Your Guide to Working Remote & Distance Learning in Newport Beach 

It’s Great for California Staycations 

A remote work trip to Newport Beach is a great option for Southern California locals. Newport Beach is within driving distance of major cities like Los Angeles and Irvineso it’s easy to plan a quick road trip to Newport Beach. You can arrive on Sunday and leave Saturday to avoid taking days off work for travel!   

Conquer Distance Learning 

Many schools in Orange County and beyond are opting for online learning instead of in-person classes. If your children are participating in distance learning, bring them along, too! Our homes boast a lot of space to spread out, making for a peaceful learning environment. From elementary school to high school, any age child is sure to love a midweek trip to Newport Beach!  

Enjoy the Change of Scenery 

Decompress after a day of remote work or online learning by exploring the many things to do in Newport Beach. From strolling along the Newport Beach Pier to surfing at Corona Del Mar State Beach, there are plenty of exciting Newport activities for families, couples, and solo travelers!  

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Ready to start working remote in Newport Beach? Begin by finding the Newport Beach rental of your dreams with Burr White Realty! We offer more than 100 rental homes in the Newport Beach area for all styles and budgets. Our rentals are equipped with everything you need to work remotely or participate in distance learning like high-speed Internet connection and space to spread out.  

Even better, they’re all just a short distance away from the shore, so it’s easy to enjoy our beach town when you log off for the day!  

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