Marketing your property as a pet-friendly vacation rental is a big decision, but the advantages should definitely give you “paws” for thought. Statistics show that 42% of US households include at least one dog and over half of pet owners travel with their furry pal at least once a year. That’s around 30 million potential bookings for dog-friendly rentals.

While 60% of hotels have a pet-friendly policy, less than 15% of vacation rental properties welcome pets. Are you sensibly avoiding damage to property by banning pets or are you missing out on a huge untapped market? The Newport Beach market has not traditionally welcomed pets, pet-friendly listings stand out from the pack.

What are the advantages of becoming pet-friendly?

1. Wider Market Appeal

In 2012, 29.1 million vacationers traveled with their pets, creating a huge niche market for pet-friendly accommodation.
Solo travelers, families, and retirees often prefer to include their pets in their vacation plans as they provide company and security for owners during a stay in a strange new place. Pet lovers also feel guilty at leaving their four-legged friends behind in boarding kennels, so they are more than happy to pay extra for suitable pet-friendly accommodation.
Pet boarding costs typically start at $25 per pet per day, allowing you to add a healthy supplement to your prices for pet owners.
Many travelers enjoy active outdoor pursuits in spring and fall and specifically want to bring their pets along. This provides a high demand for pet-friendly accommodation in months that typically are not fully booked. Airlines, restaurants, and hotels are increasingly pet-friendly, so by welcoming pets to your vacation rental, you can easily stand out from the crowd and attract more bookings.


2. Maximized Profits

Vacation rental owners typically charge 20-30% more for pet-friendly properties. This is due to the higher demand for properties that welcome pets, particularly those that provide thoughtful extra touches such as dog or cat dishes, feeding mats, toys, and a welcome treat.
Given that most hotels add $20-50 per stay for guests with pets in tow, with some charging up to $250, why not follow suit?
In addition, pet-friendly properties charge higher security deposits to cover carpet cleaning, hair removal, and any damage, even if it’s just a few scratches. Typical security deposits range from $20 to $250. In the event that furniture or mats have to be cleaned or replaced, this sum will allow hosts to cover the charges at the pet owner’s expense.

3. Better Feedback

Vacation rentals typically offer more space than hotel rooms, making them far more desirable for pet owners. A secure yard or patio and Newport Beach’s new dog beach will certainly appeal to dog-lovers. And happy clients equal higher satisfaction ratings and feedback. These positive reviews will, in turn, generate more bookings for your property in the future.
Pleased pet owners are also far more likely to become return renters in the future and are likely to spread the word to other travelers looking for pet-friendly accommodation options.

To discuss whether or not your vacation rental may be a good fit for a pet-friendly policy, contact Burr White Realty at (855)675-4630. We can help you create a pet policy that benefits you and your furry house guests!