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Newport Beach Gondola Cruises

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Romantic, relaxing, exclusive...

Cruise through spectacular Newport Harbor in one of the world's most beautiful gondolas. Create a memory with that special someone as you glide silently through quaint canals guided by a charming gondolier.

Looking for romantic anniversary ideas or a unique date ideas? This is romance at its finest.  Tradition dictates that couples kiss under every bridge. Greeting others in Italian as they pass by is encouraged and enjoying life to its fullest is a requirement.
The gondolas are stunning...

The sunsets on the water breathtaking...

The mood perfect...

This is the stuff that dreams are made of.

Great for: romantic proposals, special celebrations, fun and romantic anniversaries, date nights, special occasions, family gatherings, weddings, unique elopement ideas, or "just because."

Gondola Adventures® was featured on the cover of American Way Magazine

Gondola Adventures® was featured on the cover of American Way Magazine

Our services, gondolas, and attention to detail are unparalleled.

Our Gondolas

Many companies claim to have "

Venetian" gondolas, but often their gondolas are not actually imported from Venice.  The Venetians have been making gondolas for nearly 1000 years, and it is truly an art form.  All of Gondola Adventures' rowing gondolas are imported from Venice and are propelled by oar and oarlock ("Remo e' Forcola") in the manner that gondolas are traditionally rowed in Venice, Italy.  Additionally, Gondola Adventures has the only operating "wedding gondolas" west of the Mississippi.  Wedding gondolas have carved decks and the most ornate decorations.  One of our wedding gondolas, the "Lucia," has a canopy cover (available upon request).  For more information or to see photos about our rowing gondolas, click on "Photos."  There is nothingthat quite compares to the real thing.

At the opposite end of the spectrum are our "Neo-Venetian" gondolas; these boats have silent electric motors so the gondoliers steer, rather than row. Some are all black, while others are mahogany and black with inlaid roses and beautiful canopy covers.  The elegant and distinctive interiors surround you in comfort. These more contemporary craft have a little more range and can, if requested in advance, travel further (which is nice in a harbor that is six miles long from one end to the other).  Almost all of our cruises include a leisurely tour through the canal area at the north end of Newport Harbor – a very romantic and relaxing experience.

Amenities and Specialty Enhancements

We are the only company in Orange County with an ABC license, which not only means that we have very reasonably-priced wine and champagne available for purchase, but also that you can legally bring your own favorite bottle for a corkage fee.  All of our beverages are served in glassware -- we do not have plastic cups -- and presented in a silver bucket with ice.

We are also the only company in Orange County licensed to have singing gondoliers.  When a singing gondolier is requested and available, you can count on hearing at least one or two "live performances" by your gondolier, and sometimes as many as six or seven songs.  How much your gondolier sings will depend on his repertoire as well as how receptive his passengers are to singing (if you are in conversation with your guest or guests, he may not want to  interrupt).

Gondola Adventures has other custom features and specialty enhancements that we have pioneered in the industry.  The President of our company developed the "Message in a Bottle" in 1993, wherein a custom love-note is silently dropped in the water by your gondolier, and then spotted and retrieved by your guest. 


We offer anarray of specialty items, such as rose petals scattered on the gondola, custom chocolates, and even a foot-long solid chocolate gondola!

We are the only company in the United States to offer heated electric blankets (available upon request).