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Like Totally 80s Music Festival

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05/12/2018 - 12:00pm
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The Human League

Electronic band from Sheffield, England. Formed in 1977 by Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh. Originally called 'The Future', but changed their name to 'The Human League' in 1978 with the addition of vocalist Phil Oakey and the release of the single "Being Boiled".

This original lineup lasted until 1980, after which Ware and Marsh left to form Heaven 17. Oakey kept the band name and added female vocalists, and it is this incarnation that gained widespread popularity.

Mainly known for a synthesizer based pop sound, in particular the song “Don’t You Want Me”.

The Alarm

Welsh alternative rock band, founded in 1981 in Rhyl, North Wales.

Current line-up:
Mike Peters: Vocals, guitars, harmonica
James Stevenson: Guitars
Craig Adams: Bass
Smiley: Drums
Mark Taylor: Piano, Hammond Organ, Keyboards


Tiffany’s iconic number one hit single I Think We're Alone Now captured the heart of a nation and catapulted her to pop superstardom. The singer and songwriter’s new full-length album A Million Miles debuts on March 31, 2016. Tiffany has teamed with the cutting edge entertainment platform Pledge Music, which allows her fans a unique and personal look into the creation of the album. She is so impressed with Pledge and how easy it is for her to share things with her fans like behind the scenes content, offer pre-orders of the album, exclusive updates, and limited edition merchandise. A Million Miles marks the first time Tiffany has been a co-producer on her own record. The ten-song set is available for pre-order on

The legendary pop star has earned two number one hit singles I Think We're Alone Now and Could’ve Been, and set a record as the youngest female artist to top the Billboard charts with her debut album. In 2000 Billboard Magazine described Tiffany’s album The Color of Silence as “thoughtful, intelligent, and full of grace” and ranked it among the “Top Ten Best Albums of the Year”. She has sold over 15 million albums to date.

After two massively successful albums and world tours, at age 21 her priorities shifted. She gave birth to her son Elijah and wanted to raise him out of the spotlight but she never stopped writing music. In 2008 the family relocated to Nashville where she became immersed in the tight knit songwriting community. The creative atmosphere brought her back to her roots as a young girl singing the songs of Loretta Lynn and Tammy Wynette while dreaming of becoming a country singer. At age nine she began performing with her own band and was discovered by legendary country songwriters Hoyt and Mae Axton. The pair took ten year old Tiffany to Nashville where she opened for country stars appeared on local TV shows. This helped inspire her to create her country-pop EP Rose Tattoo, to tell the stories of her early music career before she found success in pop music.

Tiffany obtained a long and storied career in a short amount of time, and today her goal is to continue writing songs for herself and others, cementing her status in the industry as a powerhouse hit maker and go-to songwriter.

Tiffany has guest stared on reality TV shows such as Food Network’s Rachael Ray VS. Guy: Celebrity Cook Off, ABC’s Celebrity Wife Swap, VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club, A&E’s Celebrity Ghost Stories and Food Network Challenge. She also headlined Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series. As an actress Tiffany starred in SyFy Channel’s hit and campy movie’s Mega Piranha and Mega Python vs Gatoroid, in which the sci-fi disaster movie had her feuding with fellow pop star Debbie Gibson.

Tiffany stays very involved in her local Nashville community. She is an official spokesperson for The American Heart Association. She takes great pride in mentoring young singers and artists, and provides these aspiring musicians with guidance and advice on how to break into and navigate the music industry. With her husband Benn they share their love of animals with their 8 rescue dogs, and Tiffany often gives back by producing charity concerts for the Humane Society.

For someone who has spent her life touring around the world, it’s surprising to discover Tiffany’s extreme fear of flying. Consequently the singer is always in her car and it’s in the car where she gets her inspiration and does most of her writing. Those personal journals and stories inspired both the new music and to name her album after all those miles she’s driven… A Million Miles. In 2016 Tiffany will continue touring in the US and Europe and some of this will require airplane rides. Nobody knows how to break this to her.

The Untouchables

In the beginning there were only a few of us, we would dress up in our vintage mohair suits, sit around in local cafes and talk about how great it would be if the entire city were full of mods and modettes, rude boys and rude girls. The clubs would be filled with sweaty dancers and their parking lots with shiny scooters. .... This year was the summer of 1980. We didnt realize that by 1981 wed be in the middle of our dream come true. All of a sudden there were hundreds of us everywhere. MODS ARE GO. 

The Untouchables first record that was Twist-n-Shake b/w Dance Beat, released on their own Dancebeat label in 1982. Then came 1983's Tropical Bird b/w The General. Tropical Bird was a pretty traditional ska number with jungle overtones.The General was a classic two-tone sounding dance tune. .... Their first 12" was a six song EP('84) -- Live & Let Dance, that included originals like Free Yourself, Lebanon, Whiplash and What's Gone Wrong -- all of which got some local play on KROQ during the mid-80s -- mostly Rodney on the Roq, but occasionaly during regular rotation as well. Also included a great cover of Stepping Stone. Their early singles and records were eagerly bought up by mods and have become rarities. It was in '84 that the Untouchables started to get recognition, becoming the posterboys for the Los Angeles mod scene appearing in movies like Repo Man and Surf II. .... Their first full-length LP came in 1985 -- Wild Child. Interestingly enough, Wild Child -- the song -- was written by Tony Rugolo lead singer of The Question and was intended for The Question's own LP which -- for various reasons -- never saw the light of day. So, UTs stole, borrowed, grabbed, bought (depending on who you talk to) the song from Tony and it became the title track as well as one of their best live numbers. The entire album was musically tight and very consistent. .... The compilation album The Untouchable's Live: A Decade of Dance was recorded at The Roxy in Hollywood on December 22nd 1989 -- The Untouchables: Cool Beginnings Rare and Unreleased 1981 - 1983. Cool Beginnings reaches back into Los Angeles mod antiquity to dredge up some really rough live, and bedroom studio, recordings. Rough like uncut diamonds, rough gems: Ska Mods, Mod Knights, Another Late Night, Motion Like Hers, and The General, to name a few. .... The Untouchables early shows were great for their intensity, incredibly energy, and like the LA scene at that time, immaturity. Early on, they did a stint as the house band at the Roxy, and were the mod/ska band to see every weekend at places like The Timbers, Oscar's Cornhusker, Mama Brown's Backdoor, Fenders and even the Golden Bear in Huntington Beach. The liner notes for Cool Beginnings says of their years at the Roxy, "Color barriers were smashed as black and white youths came from neighboring cities and counties to join the mod revival in unity, harmony and ska. 1983 was a very good year for ska mods in Hollywood." .... The Untouchables were the impetus for bands such as Fishbone, and later for numerous California ska acts like (early, early, early) No Doubt, Donkey Show, Skeletones and Let's Go Bowling

Richard Blade

Popular Los Angeles radio, television, and film personality from Torquay, England. He is best known for his radio programs that feature new wave and Popular music from the 1980s. He has stated that Depeche Mode is his favourite band.

The Reflexx

Bringin' back the sounds of classic KROQ, 91X, and LIVE 105: Synth-based, alternative 80's.

Clive Farrington

Clive Farrington is best known for his classy style, professionalism, and amazing vocals.

Starting out in Beau Leisure, Clive Farrington developed an understanding of the direction he wanted in music. As Beau Leisure broke up, Clive started pulling the pieces together that would lead to the creation of When In Rome. It was in this newly formed band that he would show is amazing musical gifts to the world and the world took notice with the hit song, The Promise. This song would dominate charts in multiple countries through 1988 and 1989. It was at this time that many variations of The Promise were made adding a long list of genres that the song touched and expanded the possible direction of the band as a whole.

When In Rome would have other hit songs, but many of these failed to rival what The Promise had created. The end was that the band parted ways, but this was not the end for Clive. Clive Farrington is an artist that has music in his soul and a passion to create music to share with the masses. This combined with his pure talent make Clive of the artists in the world that everyone should take notice to. Since the time with When In Rome, Clive has formed a number of side projects, had a successful solo career, and has done special appearances with many of the top artists in the music world.

Clive Farrington is someone that has always shown a beauty in the music he has been involved in. This can be found in the music that has composed and sings. Despite the many challenges that Clive has had in life, he is someone that strives to be the best he can be in the music world and to share the enchanting qualities in music to his masses of fans and supporters. His strong work ethic and the devotion he has in music are qualities where he has churned out many songs that show a reflection of Clive and how music forever resides in him. All of these traits have been forged in him to make him one of the gifted artists that makes songs that reflect the remarkable person with a depth of empathy that can be found in each song. He is one artist that will never quit and those that love his music are forever grateful for this.

Slim Jim Phantom

American drummer, born 20 March 1961 in Brooklyn, New York, USA. He was married to Britt Ekland from 1984 to 1992.

Jay Aston's Gene Loves Jezebel

Formed : 1980 // Porthcawl, Wales, United Kingdom 
Note: There are currently two different groups called Gene Loves Jezebel.