Sustainable Travel! Tips for Your Eco-friendly Newport Beach Vacation

Taking time to unwind, relax, and enjoy a Newport Beach getaway is something that’s appealing to travelers year-round. Whether you’re one for the water, enjoy time on the sand or have a heart for shopping and dining your way through a stay, it’s easy to find yourself wanting to return to Newport Beach each year in the name of added fun and adventures. Of course, making sure Newport Beach stays at its very best for years to come requires some attention to the details that matter most. When you’re looking to incorporate some sustainable travel strategies into your stay, the following is a good place to start.

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Silhouette of a Bike on the BeachBike Instead of Drive

A simple move that makes a big difference for the greater Newport Beach environment is when travelers swap out their vehicles for bikes and enjoy the view on two wheels. Newport Beach is a super accessible destination and there are ample bike rental companies ready and waiting to help you find the perfect ride to get around. If you’re in town with the family in tow, it’s something everyone can enjoy together at your own preferred pace!

Sign up for an Eco-Friendly Tour

Taking a little extra time to make sure the tours on your itinerary are eco-friendly is another easy step when you’re trying to be a more sustainable traveler in Newport Beach. Whether it’s a Segway tour built for nature-friendly travel or a dolphin-watching experience alongside a naturalist in an eco-friendly vessel, you’ll be making a difference that could last generations.

Dine Local

When you’re adventuring through Newport Beach and cravings come calling, consider making an effort to exclusively dine local while you’re in town. This not only supports the local economy and small businesses, but farm-to-table restaurants incorporate organic products and sustainably farmed ingredients into many of their dishes.

Consider Your Accommodation Habits

In the same way that you make sure to turn off lights and fans before heading out of your home, ensuring you stick to these sustainable routines while traveling can be impactful. When you book your stay in a Newport Beach vacation rental, take time to ensure that the rental has traditional utensils on-hand so that you don’t have to buy excessive single-use plastics when you’re dining in. Shutting off lights on your way out to explore, opening windows when possible over ac unit use, and shopping to stock up on groceries using reusable bags are all easy ways to travel sustainably.

Hang onto Trash When Visiting Parks or Nature Preserves

A trip to Newport Beach puts visitors well within reach of beautiful parks, nature preserves, and wildlife-watching opportunities. When you head out to adventure in these places, it’s common

to pack a picnic. Just make sure that you pack out all of your trash as you go. Following the “leave no trace” policy in the great outdoors keeps the natural environments that are found across Newport Beach in pristine condition for people and wildlife alike.

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