Top 5 Cost Benefits of Vacation Rentals

When planning your vacation, you should explore all options to find the best accommodations for your needs and you will need to decide if you are going to stay at a hotel or in a vacation rental. On the surface the hotel may look like the money saving option, but a vacation rental will likely be the more affordable option when you look beyond the nightly rate.

1) MORE SPACE – Odds are your immediate family needs more than one hotel room for an enjoyable vacation, not to mention additional rooms for anyone else that may be traveling with you such as friends or family. Vacation rentals let you all stay under one roof with a nightly rate that is typically comparable to or less than renting a block of hotel rooms.

2) KITCHEN – One of the biggest drains on any vacation budget is the high price of dining out for every meal (plus snacks!). Having a full kitchen will cut your food cost substantially and make it easy to grab a bite anytime.

3) LAUNDRY – Laundry services at hotels extremely expensive. Having a washer and dryer on site makes it easy to keep clean clothes on hand without breaking the bank.

4) ENTERTAINMENT – With the whole family packed into a hotel room, fights over what to watch are guaranteed and keeping everyone entertained requires being on the move all day every day. A vacation rental provides multiple televisions, DVD players, board games, and often include video games to keep the kids entertained. Enjoy the freedom to let the kids watch TV while the adults enjoy a glass of wine on the deck. Many rentals come with video game systems, internet access, DVD players, games, bikes, boogie boards, etc. Of course you don’t want to spend your entire vacation indoors, which is why Burr White Realty makes it easy to enjoy everything Newport Beach has to offer by providing discounts at a wide range of local businesses from restaurants to whale watching and everything in between.

5) PARKING – Most people do not consider that most hotels charge an additional fee to park. With parking rates reaching up to $30 per day, your car could add over $200 a week to your stay.