Visit These Museums in Newport Beach

Taking a trip to scenic Newport Beach, California is always an experience travelers can look forward to. This year-round vacation destination has the weather, shorelines, and access to fun that’s sure to inspire! It’s also a destination where those who enjoy museum hopping their way through a stay will find plenty of reasons to linger and explore. Whether you’re one for history, maritime adventures, or whimsical and one-of-a-kind stops, you’ll find Newport Beach is packed with options you won’t want to miss. The following are a few of the museums in Newport Beach that typically prove to be unforgettable for visitors.

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Spend Quality Time Exploring the Balboa Island Museum

If you’re interested in learning more about Newport Beach’s rich history, a good place to start is the Balboa Island Museum. Located at 210 Marine Avenue, this museum is open from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm Monday through Thursday with extended hours until 5:00 pm Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. It’s a museum that was founded with a clear mission to preserve, document, and promote the history of Newport Beach, Balboa Island, and the greater Orange County area alike. It’s the only one of its kind in this region, making it a wonderful place to step back in time for an afternoon. Upon arrival, guests have access to exhibits and displays that showcase topics ranging from The Wedge and local fishing culture to surfing as well. There are interactive presentations on-site for kids to enjoy and the museum also functions as a display gallery for local artists.

Enjoy the Newport Harbor Nautical Museum

While it’s gone by many names over the years, the Newport Harbor Nautical Museum is consistently an inspiring museum to land at. Currently found on the Balboa Peninsula, the Newport Harbor Nautical Museum was first established in 1976 and has been known as XploreOcean and Ocean Quest at different times. Today, you can visit the museum to enjoy browsing displays and exhibits that cover everything from sailing and yachting to historic ships and tales of exploration on the waves. You’re sure to see impressive vessels when you spend time here as well as interactive exhibits that will have you feeling like you’re discovering a life of your own on the water.

Take Time to Admire The Pirate House

If you’re heading to Newport Beach with little ones in tow and you’re looking for a museum experience that’s whimsical and easy to navigate, The Pirate House at 35th Street and Marcus Avenue is a must. While the stop is technically a private residence, it’s long been considered a one-of-a-kind museum attraction in town thanks to its entirely unique aesthetic. At The Pirate House, you’ll find a property covered in life-sized pirates playing out an entire scene over the façade. The display extends into the water where pirates are manning fishing boats and interacting at the dock. Here, pirates hang off the balconies, linger on patio ledges, and look out over the water to watch boats come in. Spend as long as you like wandering around The Pirate House to make sure you see all of the scenes that have been created for your viewing delight.

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