Newport Beach History

Newport Beach, California is a sun-soaked vacation destination that inevitably beckons to travelers from across the map year after year. While many head this way for the shorelines, entertainment, and surf, Newport Beach is also an amazing place for history buffs to find their fill of intriguing experiences!

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A Brief Area History

When Newport Beach was first incorporated in September of 1906, it was home to less than 400 year-round residents. The main industries bringing people to Newport Beach at that time were fishing, canning, and salt mining. In decades to follow, the economy would be further boosted across Newport Beach by both sport fishing and yacht-building enterprises. At the turn of the century, Newport Beach underwent jetty construction and harbor dredging had begun. While World War I slowed growth considerably, by the 1920s, the Newport Beach Harbor development was robust. During World War II, the shipyards of Newport Beach played a pivotal role in supporting war efforts. After the war, Newport Beach began to transform into a vacation destination as the construction of luxury hotels was quickly followed by the arrival of lavish beach homes. Today, Newport Beach is known as a vibrant and thriving coastal community where locals can grow their businesses across industries and visitors can make the most of stunning outdoor recreation opportunities.

Historic Landmarks to Explore

There’s no shortage of options to explore when it comes to historic landmarks across Newport Beach, but a few certainly stand out. The Balboa Pavilion on Main Street was built in 1905 and was transformed from an end-of-the-line destination for the Red Car of the Pacific Electric to a bustling hub of shopping, charters, and dining today. The Old Landing at Highway 101 and Dover Drive dates back even further to 1870 when it was constructed to be a brand-new port. Finally, McFadden’s Wharf is an important historical landmark in the city dating back to 1889. Originally, this destination was designed by the McFadden family as a departure point for shipping lumber to Southern California from Northern California.

How to Connect with the Past in Newport Beach

Learning about the rich history Newport Beach, California possesses is one thing, but getting to walk in the footsteps of those who turned the city into what it is today is entirely another! The best way to do just that is to book a spot on a Newport History Tour offered all year long through the team at the Newport Beach Historical Society. Tours begin at the Museum of Newport History at 11:00 am and last 75 minutes. Alongside a knowledgeable and friendly guide, you’ll travel the streets that have been built up over centuries across Newport Beach. There are four different routes to choose from and each comes with its own unique look at topics and time periods. Tour options include the following: Golden to Gilded, Road to Independence, Rogues & Scoundrels, and Discover Colonial Newport. Admission for a tour is $20 for adults and $ for children 5 to 12.

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