Pier Fishing in Newport Beach

A trip to California is always a treat for travelers looking for a sun-soaked getaway to enjoy. It’s particularly appealing for anglers who are excited to spend as much time as possible pier fishing their way through a stay. When you’ve set your sights on Newport Beach, you’ll find the city is a haven of opportunities thanks to the piers and jetties that adorn the shoreline. The following are a few reasons to make sure pier fishing is on your to-do list the next time you’re here.

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Type of Fish You Can Catch While Pier Fishing

Once you have your rod and line in hand and you’ve decided to dedicate an entire day to pier fishing, you’ll find the options for what you might reel in are exciting and vast. The water around Newport Beach piers and jetties is teeming with everything from calico bass and yellowtail amberjack to white seabass, tuna, and California halibut alike. Of course, these species don’t round out the entire list of what you might find, but it’s already an invigorating lineup for those who love to cast a line!

Spend Time on The Newport Beach Pier

Open from 5:00 am until midnight daily, the Newport Beach Pier is not only the city’s namesake but the perfect place to be when you’re looking for the best options for pier fishing in the area. Located at 70 Newport Pier, this beautiful and inviting location stretches over 1,000 feet out over the Pacific Ocean and is an iconic landmark in the area. Here, you’ll find plenty of sunset chasers and cyclers, but you’ll also find an ideal destination to cast a line from a bird’s eye vantage point over the water. It’s not uncommon for anglers to reel in sculpin, surfperch, and barracuda in addition to the above-mentioned species that grace the Newport Beach waters. After you’ve had your fill of pier fishing fun, head over to the Dory Fleet Market and see what else is available as fresh caught fare of the day available to purchase.

Check Out The Wedge

While not technically a pier, The Wedge is a must-visit angling destination in town that offers up a nearly identical experience to pier fishing. The Wedge is found on the easternmost end of the Balboa Peninsula and hosts rocky jetties that are great for hooking everything from halibut and whitefish to calico and mackerel. It’s also a popular place for surfers giving you some inspired surroundings to enjoy while you wait for that next bite.

Logistics and Regulations to Consider

When you spend time pier fishing in the state of California, you won’t need a fishing license to fish off a public pier, but you will need one if you’re 16 and older fishing off a private pier or the coast. Pier fishing is also limited to a maximum of two rods and lines as well as two hand lines, nets and traps.

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