Looking for a Fun and Relaxing Activity? Paddle Board the Newport Beach Waters!

Newport Beach, California, is the ideal place to enjoy outdoor recreation. Our sunny weather and fun locals make for the perfect retreat! One of the best ways to enjoy Newport Beach is by getting out on the water. In this blog, We’re going to explore all getting out on a Newport Beach paddleboard and all you need to know. Cruising on the shore is just one way to enjoy the area’s beauty. For more Newport Beach vacation activities, download our Vacation Guide! This guide is your secret book of knowledge for any Newport Beach vacation! Who’s ready to launch the boards?

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Newport Beach paddleboard 

Rental Options 

Pirate Coast Paddle Co. Paddle boarding

Pirate Coast Paddle Co. is located right on Newport Bay! They offer hourly rentals, lessons, and even SUP yoga! You can rent the paddleboards for an hour, or the entire day, so you can be on the water as long as you’d like! Pricing starts at just $20 for an hour and goes up. Whether you’re a beginner or a paddleboarding expert, they have the perfect board! 

Newport Harbor Paddleboarding 

Another local option is Newport Harbor Paddleboarding. Explore Newport Harbor and coastal river waters, or go out into the Pacific Ocean, all while taking in the beauty of the Southern California coast! Pricing for paddleboards starts at $25. They are a few blocks from the shore, so get your board and head out in a flash! 

Newport Fun Tours 

Newport Fun Tours offers paddleboards for the perfect afternoon paddle! The Newport Harbor is the ideal spot to take in Newport Beach and explore the picturesque Newport Bay. Newport Fun Tours also offers a variety of other activities, such as kayaking and sailing! Paddleboard rentals start at 25 dollars. 

Locations to explore 

Balboa Island Balboa Island

Balboa Island is the center of Newport Beach and offers stunning scenery and even better paddleboarding opportunities. The waters in Newport Harbor are calmer and easy to navigate! Spend some time exploring the shore and enjoy the relaxation of the California sun and the cool breezes! 

Back Bay 

The Back Bay is one of Newport Beach’s best-kept secrets. The waters are calm, and there’s plenty to explore! You can find many spots in the back bay that offer wildlife sightings or even see some of Newport’s unique yachts. This spot is perfect for a relaxing paddle and photos! 

Lido Isle 

Lido Isle is located east of Balboa Island and offers more Newport Harbor sights. The island is residential, and paddlers can take in the beautiful homes and the palm tree-lined shores. You’ll also see plenty of boats to take in along the way! 

After Paddleboarding Newport Beach Stay With Burr White!
2714 W. Ocean front

Paddleboarding all day is a great way to experience the Pacific Coast! As lovely as the paddleboards are, you’ll need a place to rest for another day! Our rental homes feature high-quality finishes and luxury amenities. Large spacious common areas, outdoor living spaces, and plenty of room for everyone make them perfect for any vacation! Find your vacation rental today and head to Newport Beach! 

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